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As time is passing by slowly with the whole world in lockdown we find gratitude within ourselves and pleasures in simple things. The world seems to be falling apart but look inside your heart search what is lost in the demons of desires greed and power. We all need very little to be happy but sadly we always look for more. what we have is never enough what we want becomes the endless requisite of more.It is sad but if we keep giving wrong than how do we expect right to come to us. Lets take a step back as we are forced by nature to do so and reflect on our deeds on our actions that harm others and the environment .Kindness is to nurture us with our souls ,our loved ones and our planet.



  1. The world needed the Corona virus in order for humans to stand all in its place. Compulsory standing, as if the Clock stopped rotating … until every mighty man stopped his might … until every guilty stand up and admitted his guilt … until every greedy ceased from his greed … until Every unjust stands for his injustice … so that every person on the face of the earth knows his value and the value of what he does .. so that every person knows the doctor’s value and the teacher’s value .. so that people know the value of hygiene and the value of the hygiene factor .. until a person knows that above all Knowledgeable … until people realize that God exists, is capable, and mighty

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