The dusky silence with its mysterious colors comes to comfort us for a night and dark nights lead to a beautiful dawn. Some sweet words that have been said will keep embedded in the depths of the heart. We will find strength in our fate a vision that we create behind open eyes and in daylight. This vision drives us all to our destiny and we keep going, to find what we are searching for. To some its love, to some its hope and to some a desire to be at a status, achieve personal goals or wealth aspirations. But I wonder and ask myself why we are all so still today why are we not running in that race which was to

stop only when the heart stop and the soul says let me go.

Today we need to reflect on the things that we did to bring the world to a standstill. we contributed by watching millions who suffered from hunger from illness and from war. we stayed in privileged places but many were looking for the bare basics.

As humanity we have to redeem ourselves, extend friendship, love, trust and kindness. Let’s save those who are left struggling in Africa and the Middle East and let’s help those in Italy, Spain and the USA.


Photography Myself


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