On looking at the dim candle light which was melting in the jewelled case whose sparkle and light adorned it so beautifully that I would go on looking at it for hours as if the moment will capture me in it for eternity. Sleek shimmering strands and beads of gold and silver colours engraved so elegantly that each inscription was aspiring me to hold on and let this dim light enchant my whole night to day.

Its been therefore not past that matters ,not what is in our hands or what is in our dreams but the fate that entails all that is to come. I thought if this candle can shimmer a bit more can I wish a little more or in the anguish that surrounds the distraught world today some wishes will melt in this warmth ,but my heart just whispered  that the fate will stand by me and so shall be for all of us. What is yours shall be for you so don’t loose heart ,don’t wish for skies but certainly do aim for those  heights that accomplish your existence. I verily believe that by opening your heart to love and to care ,brings eternal light that shines like a million candles burning in love which is just pure tranquillity.


burn burning candle candlelight
Photo by Hakan Erenler on




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