And Moses was standing in front of the Red sea, Thousands of Egyptians looking up to him in fear as Pharaoh with his army reached just behind them. Moses held his staff and remembered the encounter with the Almighty  as the voice echoed within  him ‘With this you shall do my wonders’‘. The way lay forward as he parted the sea . He was empowered by God and endured faith. Can we reciprocate that compelling patience which inspires devotion in others. A dedication to our commitments and unshakable belief that we have the power to change the world today. A world enriched with oceans, mountains ,streams ,butterflies roses and daffodils,fruits in every colour leaves in every shade.We moved away from the basics and started searching our lives online, in technology, in material things.Our loved ones became lonely because we didn’t have time ,we wont look at what we have but we search for more. This lack of gratitude sets hearts in despair, tore values and lead to so much moral injustice that we lost our grounds to be trustworthy of love. Compassion compels us to care, to reflect on our gestures, our actions that depleted this world of its peace.

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This chaos that led to this complete silence, embedded in tears and screams of those deprived of their rights when we kept closing our ears, avoiding ,enjoying our lives till eventually we are all confronted with the truth. Their is no going back ,there is no way there ,the demons of power and greed have destroyed the  innocents so they don’t scream anymore. There is no going back because we tarnished every opportunity that we had hoping we get things our way. But there is one way, the way that led Moses through Red Sea, God’s way. God ,who gave us all and we wrecked everything to acquire more. I believe we can still restore and redeem by just doing the right thing, Give the promises, the trust ,the ownership and the rights of those we took away when we forgot if we don’t care for those we owe to, we will loose it all. Lets share.




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    very nice.

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    V true and well said

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