As I woke up this morning with the gentle sounds of sweet birds chirping welcoming the dawn to arrive bringing joy to hearts, my first thoughts were in gratitude. Gratitude to God with some moments to thank him for making me hear these sounds as if heaven has just arrived on earth.Gratitude for making everything so beautiful as if no flaws could be picked up by eyes. Colours so vivid and images so serene that my mind just pauses away from the day ahead but to surrender in these moments letting them drench my heart in tranquillity. These little streaks of sunshine are pouring life in the resting plants waking them up allowing us to celebrate the beauty He created. As I watched the sun emerging I decided to make a warm bowl of oats for breakfast. Oats have always been my favourite and I can be so creative with it from choosing the stylish serving dishes to the variety of fruits and selection of seeds to make it look like a display of subtle colours drizzling with sweet honey.

This one I warmed some almond milk and soya milk together, added few heaps of oats meal. Cooked for five minutes and poured in this deep cup. I had so many kiwis sitting in the fridge door so I sliced them along with half a banana .if I cut the banana carefully than my daughter will add it to her cereal or I will snack on it later in the day.  At the top, I drizzled some honey and sprinkled lots of flax seeds. This was so warm, delicious and comforting breakfast which I enjoyed while I went through some emails and my schedule ahead.




Photography Myself.



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