The one thing that I miss in this quarantine time is the hot cup of cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop. It a luxury we all tend to enjoy as one of the trivial little treats after a hard day of work or as socializing with friends. I love the little coffee cards that they hand out and I have no clue how many have I collected. Not only do they look pretty in my wallet but they also add points.Image-24

My swaying thoughts were scattered in tiny visions and glimpses of this fun retreat which I longed for so badly that I closed my eyes to capture that moment. Today its been a little upsetting to hear that our PM Boris Johnson is admitted to the intensive care unit. He has been so brave taking all that pressure and still supporting the nation when he has been poor. I felt slightly more restless with this COVID 19 situation wondering the deeper impact we will sustain on our economy, our lives and what the future will look like. The sheer misconception that this pandemic is ending soon sends a shiver down my spine as being a doctor I see a different side to it. Personally, I fear this will last longer, Nature is clearing our lives from the vision of life we created ourselves revolving around our gains, our goals and avoiding the bigger picture that the world needs to be in harmony, in peace. Opportunities have to be shared, One part of the world can not whither away when at the opposite spectrum it’s blossoming in vivid colors. We are all part of one hope one desires which is to be loved, cared and be peaceful. Unfortunately these hopes have dispelled in the promises that have been made and the paths that have been demolished to build bonds and nurture humanity.

I see Infinite avenues to build what we broke. Time to wake up as its no longer about us its about the world around us. My coffee still so warm as I scribbled these thoughts and from my desktop, my beautiful little English garden is inviting me to go and talk to my morning birds, The flowers blossoming and rays of the sun behind the trees promising a warm day ahead. I love to embrace the beautiful glimpse of heaven in these and let my wandering mind be mesmerized in the dew drops that are scattered on cold lush green leaves but I shall grab another coffee before.



Photography Myself




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