Its been one of the nicest days in the UK in such a long time. We had gleaming, warm perpetual sunshine pouring its warmth in our never-ending winter which somehow seems to extend longer and longer as time progress. The sun exuberates joy summer fragrances, white linen, beautiful shades of duck blue and crimson all inviting me to embrace this light in my decor in clothes and in the life that surrounds me. Jo Malone and the white company are two escapes that I like to retreat to on every trip to Malls. The structure, symmetry and Fresh linen in fabrics and Furnishing just is pure luxury that I wish I can afford ever so often more. I especially love the feel of their display as everything oozes out radiance and joy in the harmony of the season ahead.

Although I want to pull out all the white treats from my closet and let them shimmer on my display unit; it has been a bit hard to do So. At present much of my time revolves around self-healing, self-reflection and supporting friends and family in this difficult time. For myself I love to drive my strength from within as the heart is an ocean where hopes and dreams immerse creating colors that we can paint in the world around us. These are the colors of gratitude, love, trust and empathy that dwell within all of us  .some have them embedded in their palms and some display in their smiles and in their acts of kindness for others.Image-22

While I was thinking about the decor I feel I might draw some inference from Rituals too. Its a beautiful store and I love how they decorated old bark of a tree with custom-made flowers that look so real that it is captivating and one just enjoys the serene place where you are surrounded by beautiful fragrances, subtle skin lotions and see the pretty things they offer. All these places have products for men and women, so anyone can enjoy the experience to visit them. I am so looking forward to visiting these stores again and for things to settle down. Deeply wishing we can all go back to our lives as normal as they can be but with the wisdom that we acquired from this draught that swept our lives so far away from the norm that we used to believe was a way forward. Suddenly the perspectives have changed, goals have been redirected and trivial little treats seem to be an abundant world.



Photography Myself.

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