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To create the vision lurking behind eyes in the depths of our minds, in silence and in dreams there is only one enriched path to that ‘leave that hurts, that stabs in your back in your heart, leave that says I come with tears with a price that entails your own peace, your core values.

Gosh I have been such a quitter of things that permeate my existence in distress. A few years ago I wrote a small poem resonates with this view in particular.

No Angel no fairy, Not a heavenly woman

I am not a spirit I am not a dream

I am just a light that shines in the dark night

To make you smile one more time

He thinks I am a mystery but you call me a fairy

He said I am a doll but He said I hurt them all

But can’t you see I break with pain with love

Every Time I sway to give and give, my heart just breaks away a little bit more.

I go far to no land no boundaries where my heart leads me

I find some tears and I take them to my own so I let you have peace.

 I give

I give

You take

I give when I am empty and torn you tell me to go on

I find beautiful clouds that shelter my heart and hold onto my soul

I go

 I am no angel no fairy

I am just a wind that blows

I go and I just go on.


Today I had a rather disorganized start to the day where I felt a lot of distraction trying to reach my closest friends but somehow all unavailable so eventually the thoughts channelized themselves on this white sheet.

Its a beautiful day though just about warm, not cold to need a little wrap and not too warm to shy away from the sun. My garden is almost like an oasis of birds, squirrels, and bluebells, green old trees some flowers peeping through lush green leaves. I particularly love the very old and giant tree whose leaves are double toned, green, and burgundy. Just stunning when the sun is right behind it.

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Yoga is such an inspiration for me , a tranquil experience that aligns mind and body. Generally it is perceived that to do yoga you need to adapt various difficult postures but its entirely not true. One can start yoga by working on breathing. Letting go of negative thoughts, Flexing, and moving gently.


If someone has done wrong let them deal with their actions. For a positive mindset don’t bear the weight of a wrongdoer on yourself. Be at peace with your actions and that’s why we must do what is right in the first place.


Studies have shown that giving positive reassurance and keeping on doing the good things eventually leads to a good mindset so keep positive.


In case you have blown the situation badly go back and reflect on what could you do differently. If in this process other individuals are affected by your actions than see how you can fix the situation, mend the bond and extend empathy, love, and support.


Do not continue with Toxic people, unfruitful empty commitments that keep you unfulfilled. No one wants to carry the baggage of someone’s bad behavior. We all want to be loved cared for and respected. Someone who doesn’t nourish you with these feelings and in fact leaves you with a void does not deserve to be taking your time and energy. Abandon.




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  1. qaryab says:

    A beautiful piece and be fitting to anyone that wants to reconcile the past and progress forward

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