As the dark cloud embrace the silence that let the hearts unfold the hidden longing for comfort some soul searching always warms up the tired path ahead in hope and courage to keep going. I looked outside the window and the snow covering the trees like a blanket worn in sheer white colour which made me watch it in moments of silence which just spoke words of gratitude. It was as if nature is promising true happiness but inviting to cherish what is there, beauty ,peace, hope and desire’. A desire to give and a hope to receive kindness, honesty and love. Treading on these delicate emotions it takes so much caution as hearts hold the body and mind in true alignment but we overlook that. Breaking emotions, breaking promises, holding back on love as fears envelope what should have been the essence of survival, love. It is at our core to be in love as God created us for that but love has many forms, the love of the soul mate, the love of family and the love of the creator for its creation. It is like this beautiful snow that can light up a dark night but a little heat can melt it so kindness and empathy must hold the emotion predominantly.

I have this beautiful cup of warm tea and my thoughts are flowing in the cold darkness that is percieved as warmth and light in my beating heart which stops the anguish of time and let me immerse in sleep that blends in a glowing day full of hopes and gratitude with acts of kindness.


(Own Photography)

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