Pacing around the house in tiny steps she looked down at her feet which look well crafted and delicate but behind those she was looking for marks of the journey that appeared spreading over an entire life. She wondered how Screams seem to mellowed down in the tones of time , fear seem to dispel with the changing seasons but wounds that led to scars were still so raw that touch them and they would bleed. Emma looked at the clock which struck 2 am and she was still wide awake. Her thoughts racing in the quiet dark night when the world rested she was trying to fix the broken past and draw a picture but each attempt lead to despair, anguish and a need to pull back ,just walk away.She was hoping to take some parts from that which comforted her but sadly few moments of joys seem so distant in that enormous torment that she could feel her hands nearly empty

Emma stood by the window and checked on the kids who were sleeping comfortably in their beds. As a night time ritual she tucked them in bed with love who were the joy that nurtured her to life when she could feel none around her.

To be Continued


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