The world will always be attracted towards beauty externally and in the depth of the heart and soul. It is engraved in our core to desired sweetness, honesty and mesmerising love that just soak the heart like rainwater absorbing in dry barren soil. I wonder if it is so vital then why is it so rare. To my own thoughts, the answer emerged from whispering soft notes of the truth that we experience in the dynamics of reality. Everything that is precious is rare it’s scarce, hard to find, hard to achieve and then again requires an effort a commitment to maintaining it at the desired level.

I believe these challenges are from God. He creates these little barriers between all hidden gems, we have to work hard to find them and constantly strive for excellence that pertains to no shortcomings.. The more suffering and pain we endure in this process more pleasure and peace it draws for the one who dares to climb those hoops.


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