Looking into the connections of heart it is imperative to test waters before you give that is truly yours. We generally believe that if we are in love we can reveal all the imperfections the deeper scratches and share the struggles but in fact it is not so.

There are various components of love , intellect, friendship, intimacy and future. We loose ourselves if we allow one person to have all that power and meet us so unveiled. Hoping your spouse to fill those gaps that can truly complete us. It is a very challenging expectation and I believe that we can only have certain desired aspects but we might miss on others. Having said that it doesn’t mean at all that such love doesn’t is there somewhere for most of us but only very few are fortunate enough who will feel that knock on their door ; if they open it a tranquil and joyful love embraces them. Sadly many of us can loose that love if we are not careful enuogh in recognising and appreciating what we have.

Thinking about love always takes me a back for a long pause because the love of the creator has to be at the most predominant in our Heart.But this life takes so much of our focus from our real purpose.

The days rush so fast and the endless chores of life is like a time clock that flows in a vicious circle, the more you follow it the more you are trapped in that chaos ; A chaos that entails distress.I am so adamant to shake all those thoughts off my mind and put my heart and soul in one place of Tranquility. A place serene as heaven, beautiful as wilderness and coloureful like a rainbow. I love to hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing that is a music to my ears. This time is the time to surrender yourself to your creator. His love beyond and above every love, His obedience our fortune and submitting in gratitude to the creator pronounces sheer peace.

I have been working on all these aspects and nurturing these emotions in my loved ones too. Just purely because love needs to be shared and as Muslims we should lead by example ,strengthening these emotions which explains who we are at our core. We are created for worship and obedience to Allah. Its so simple but for most of us it takes the struggles of life to reach that place. I believe we will all reach there just humble the heart, just analyse the self, just hold those in pain and care and love so its joy within and around.


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