Minimalism is an Intriguing new avenue that started as a trend to eventually develop into a calming and an enduring way of life and I want it to reach far and wide. The reason I am so passionate about it is simply because it is just peaceful way of life,Less consumerism, less consumption, less waste to the landfills and more fulfilled existence.

The starting point was the chaos that I found all around. Tons and tons of items, lavish luxurious but heart immersed in sorrows,mind scattered in distorted disrupted thoughts, no direction,no comfort just distress. I looked around my self and found none of the things that I worked for , collected and accumulated by endless tiring backbreaking life routine was drawing tranquility that I was longing for like a child who is comforted by the embrace that was so vital that it can break or make a life. Like love that is multidimensional and every aspect of it is there to nurture what was left unflourished and unaccomplished ;Creating peace around us is a similar experience, a pure joy.

I believe we can start in small steps, few changes and gradually regain the control of our lives that we loose in this dynamic digital and computerised world.Start clearing what is extra, stop buying what is not essential, think of others who are unable to avail what we boost as our essential but definitely a privelage in its true meaning. The following is a starting point for anyone who wants to simplify

  1. Only buy what is really necessary, Think-can you mange without this.
  2. Always consider human factor, less advantage socioecnomic class, the cost of labour, working conditions of the labourers.
  3. Environment-What we consume should have a place in the eco system, if it is not biodegradable if it has no home to end without harming the planet why are we causing havoc to the already distraught world.
  4. Having less makes room for cleaner place, less vision fatigue, less organisation time and less cleaning time.
  5. having less makes us appreciate more what we have and think about others who live with less. It encourages sharing and caring. This creates stronger human ties.
  6. And than my real joy that is brimming with peace, serenity and time for self reflection, creativity, relationships, love and kindness.These gems cannot be unleashed if we are cluttered with items that drift us away from the purpose of our life and the love of our valued relations.

In essence I have become such an advocate of simplicity that I will adorn it to every aspect of my life,share it with all my loved ones and discipline the young minds which are like delicate trails that can be streamed towards sunlight or left to dwell in dust damp soil to rot with time. Being supportive and taking gentle approach with small changes will encourage everyone .Also to bear in mind that minimalism does not mean living with ten items, it just simply means have what is joyful , discard what is wasteful in environment friendly way, recycle/reuse where possible,be selective in picking items which are not toxic to planet and share with love something that can bring comfort to someone else


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