Eyes deeply closed, tears flooding behind their curtains, breaths racing as if she has seen a ghost,God help me ,help me. She woke up in the middle of this,face soaked in streams of moist warm dew drops streaming their way into the soft pillow. She sat up holding herself in her own embrace and sat in silent staring in the space,Calling her own name”Emma its ok, You are safe, He cant harm you anymore”.

Emma pulled the curtains away and sun was about to rise behind the dark clouds of a long night, she saw promises in its tiny emerging rays for a beautiful day ahead. Full of hope and a desire to welcome the day she slipped in her footies and went downstairs to put the kettle up. A warm cup of tea is just what she needed. She picked up the most delicate cup this morning as its enlightening to feel the bends,delicate china and blended colours of stunning flower patterns. As she was sipping the tea her mind was far away from the nightmare that shook her from sleep, a nightmare that she lived but was distant beyond and now all she wanted was the aspirations which defines her existence, Intellect, creativity, love, nurturing and caring for what God created around her.

The next few days were swamped by work, appointments one after the other. She was poised and committed to all the tasks that emerge as the days unfold, hoping deep down for the long awaited joy that seem to linger in the depths of her heart, treading sweetly along the length of her spine.This was so real as if it was just around the corner. Days changed into night ,nights broke into dusk with the chirping of innocent birds and Emma was just counting each moment when when will he be home. Its been so long she last felt his arms around her which just meant a world to her.His voice echoed in her heart and she silently prayed that he returns from the expedition safely. Ben simply adored her ,he just defined her so beautifully and always encouraged her in the efforts that entailed various aspects of her personality. Both the boys were true reflection of Ben.They were twins but it was difficult to say they looked alike more or they looked like him She shook the thoughts away and gently stroked their hair as the boys snuggled in their duvet for some reading time with her.

To be continued

Far away

I travelled places which were far and beyond

I had sadness i had joy

I had fear that i dont know why

My heart kept floating with turbulent tides, some make me some break me but they are my life

I regret some parts, I deny some starts

I wonder If I go back would I do it all

Its just one journey one ride,One teary past

I wanted to hold on to some moments some hearts

But I wanted to let go and never do it all

It hurts me to see the echoes that it brings

I am just a simple girl how could i not know that at all

I tried with my last strength before i saw it all fall

But I never knew the test of time the test of fate will dismantle it all

In utter dismay I told my broken heart

I wish I can mend it I wish to do it all

I wish for that joy that I lost somehow

While I travelled the thousand miles so far and beyond.


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