“This much anguish over few drops and I crossed a desert to be here.”

Broken tapered tired souls ,all lost in greed ,in attaining what can never be held in their hands. Don’t we realise that everything has its destiny towards its eternal core than why do we pick thorns that bleed our own hands .

Ah that thought just shook her mind for a moment and she stood by the window watching the sunset which was rare occurrence. where she lived it was not often that one can enjoy the serene sunset since clouds and rain will be overwhelming the weather so clear sky was a delightful experience. She wrapped the clothes which were out from the dryer with smell of beautiful lavender all around. Clean sheets looked sleek in the well organised cupboard and she decided to catch up with some more chores around the house. “The day off work goes into a day in work at home” She talked to herself but smiled at the fact that a beautiful surroundings reflect beauty that lies within.

As Emma went through her day she really wanted to get some time to read as she had some course relating to her work. As she sat after all day by the computer she was expected to accompany him for his tea and listen to his plan for her own life. She wanted to tell him that she didnt want any of those things, any of those interactions and fancy places but she was pretty scared of Derek. She nodded her head and brought a faint smile agreeing to all he said. Deep down she wanted to runaway to some quiet places where no one was shouting, and it was just tranquility everywhere. This wasn’t going to happen ,so she told herself the kids will love to go on the holiday he planned.

Monday was a busy day at work but she felt wholesome at work ,totally absorbed in the job that defined her completely. She was on long hours and it was just like constant pressure but certainly entailed fullfillment and joy. She came home and saw his car in the driveway. She quietly sneaked in the house straight up to her room to shower and get ready for dinner. Emma was careful he didnt see her in uniform as he hated the look when she was confident and pretty. He seemed to be pleasant that evening excited about the holiday so she took a sigh of relief.

As she sat the table with beautiful plates her mind was somewhere else.A big part of her was scattered in tiny visions and glimpses of past which she concealed in the curtains of her eyes. These visions never reached that serene place which was left so untouched unaltered as if the world will come to silence . In that moment she wished the streams would jingle a humming tone with birds chirping as the most beautiful sound that one could ever heard. That place was just pure light no fear no pain , just harmony where soul blends into the love that she wished her footsteps would lead to. She bit her lip as the youngest one pulled her dress to play with her. She lifted her in her arms and the comfort was immense.

To be continued

Missing you

And you said call me if in case

And I thought if I miss u i’ll call u

But I miss u with every breath ,than how can i call ,if i miss u

Ur voice just echoes ur tears just break my own

I cant bear to see u away so i thought if i go away so u cant find me

If I am no where than u cant find me

If u love me truly u will find me in ur heart in ur soul

just wrapped around the broken trail of ur life

Holding on to u if u promise

u never never ever stay away


Own photography

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