Looking around the stair case of the old house, with history character and charm but there was life of a trapped soul seeking daylight . she wandered all day all night picking the tiny scrap fabrics to sew a one complete piece but it was hard. Her hands were shaking and the colours didn’t match. She picked the largest piece and cut it in million small ones so that it look beautiful,like a new canvas.

Emma was hoping that she will find comfort.

It has been a journey entrapped in chains of fear, loneliness and pain. She decided to get rid of everything that hurted, people, faces, objects and eventually she managed. This was the time she stood in a beautiful daylight promising herself that the time that has been snatched and the dreams that have been left unaccomplished she will complete them. But in past this appeared as a daunting task to her whereas now she had the strength to walk .

A dear friend has been a support and always talked to her. She trusted her friend as she sees light in them but she always worried she would never want them to feel let down as feelings and emotions are like delicate threads and you entagle them they get so deeply knotted.

This year had been a true challenge as such a massive turn over of events all around the world impacted everyones well being. She tried to stretch herself to those who needed her but she was feeling her self depleting but than always an warm hand enveloped her aching heart, the hand of friendship, kindness, integrity, honesty and sheer wisdom. She was grateful for this immensely.

As the days change and sun started peeking through the sky the light brought comfort. Beautiful bending dry stems and branches getting soaked in soft sun promising to blossom in shades of green and wood. The tiny buds of leaves following the rays of light to mature soon as the days pass by.

Emma sat in a quiet corner by the window the time ahead is important she spoke to herself”

“Past is dismantled, just disentangle it all and move away. Look at new avenues of life ,to create a beautiful world with no chains no barriers to the life that has been the gift of the creator”. She knew that she would follow the one rule that will sustain all tests of time lead to true comfort and eternal piece. This is the path of the Almighty ,the creator who choose us to be in his obedience, to overlook the trivial and the gigantic gains of this world, to forget who rise who falls, to rejoice which is pure and discard which is infested with ego, power, greed and the desires of the world. That must be a beautiful place, she told herself she will find it as she stood by the window watching the bendy trees leaning forward as if they want to wrap her in their bends to comfort, heal, soothe and Forget the Despair.

There have been times when the anguish just exceeded the intricate realities that held her in a strong stance , that time was just pure despair , a dishevelled distorted moment that made no sense. As if she wanted to rewrite the past so that she endures some comfort but Allas to the humans who just are at the mastery of destruction of their own fellows and their own families.She sipped the warm tea and grabbed some tiny papers to write a name, His name who just beats like love beats like a heart beat like a mist that soaks the beautiful petals, like dewdrops that sprinkle over luscious green leaves. That love was so strengthening but was lost in those tipsy turning words that spoke her language and She struggled to find his name.

Let Go

Sometimes it hurts to let go

I know you said”Trust me”but I feared this before

And now when I glance around me there is nothing anymore.

You said I am your dream, you said I am your desire but look it all got scattered and immersed in an agonising fire.

And then you said”its ok, Ill call you once more”and I glanced and I paused and I thought I should let you go.

I cared for the tears of those around you, I cared for the tears of those around me

I cared and I dared just once, to say ” I had to ,I had to let you go”

You heard me crying as you hid your own tears

but my heart could feel all your fears

They said don’t love me and you said you wont

They say don’t love you and I say “I wont”

but they read my eyes and say “will you, will you not love anymore?”

You gave me some petals and I said they are beautiful

but you said I am more

you gave me some gems and I adorn them but u say my smile enchants more.

I thank you my love but u know i had to go to the winds

as I cannot bear it anymore.

You are my light but my angel i wont let you break so I have to ,I have to let you go.

My eyes touched your heart and you said I belong to you

but than how come, how come you have to let me go.


Own Photography

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