Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com

i wanted to say but I never felt that pain

In the silence in the drink

In the smoke in the pen

In the script that bend

He sat in a shade

I was dragging in my gait

I had tears in my eyes

As I thought I would wither

In the torture in the pain

I just dwell in a flame that just crush me very often

He was tired he was lost

I was broken I was gaunt

He just whispered my name

I just touched his hands

He said can I hold you

I said can I love you

He said I am a rain in a dry sunny day

I am a dawn in a dusk

I am a dream with seven colours

I just looked and i paused

Can I drink your dreamy glass

That just holds your past

Your tears your sorrow

Can I take can I make

Some dew drops some mist to touch your lips

Than he held me so close

I could feel his beating heart

Than I touched him and I glanced

In a million enchants

I shall fight no more asI know I am yours

We got parted we got lost

I had candles in the dark and I counted them all

When I find you I will tell u

I have loved you before when it truly started all

Many seasons many years

And I love you many hundreds

And many many more.


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