Hold on to yourself as every passing moment is making us all get closer and closer to the rest we all deny,a destination unknown but serene. This world so beautiful but deception lies betrayal just crush the soft spoken words. Cant we be all real, can we all face the truth that none of us is perfect,so acknowledge” I dwell into you as You comfort my heart but I hold on to you in trust and lies break it all”

I study the human mind as an intricate system of emotions, the more you perceive its simplicity the more mislead it gets hence we create problems in our relationships.In true honesty we can all open this locked space if we are gentle, kind and understanding what hurts us hurts others too, so see things eye to eye” Can I bear this for myself, Can I be happy if someone treats me like this if the answer is no than stop. Stop walking on the lines of chaos as it will turn into a bendy circle and the same actions that we take towards others find their way back to us as right at the end the path changed started bending and redirected all that we did back to us.

Its human nature and a biological mechanism that our sympathetic Nervous system tells us that we are safe so its all ok. In reality there are the dynamic forces of nature which some call mother nature but we believe the One God who sees all the actions and than let us bear the consequences of our own doing. Sometimes it is that and sometimes it is a task, a tribulation set out to determine the flow of life that we create. So in true honesty suffering is not that bad, its either the outcomes of what we did wrong or the challenge set out for us to see our resilience endurance and way of dealing with the situation. We can take two paths from this Suffering or difficulty, we can either loose ourselves in darkness and dwell in that so badly that we loose ourselves in it or we can assimilate every bit of it in gratitude reflect stay positive and extend kindness love empathy around to light up the darkness. I know it seems hard to do that but take your time stay still in pain don’t rebel, don;t react just stop. See if time is needed to heal and than turn that time in creating a beautiful world for yourself and others to stay safe.


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