I close my eyes to see you one more time

The tired lines on ur face tell me u wandered miles and u wanted to hold on to me

ur silence said I live in ur heart but that was not that entailed it all

I saw some tiny dewdrops on the morning flowers

that touched my eyes when i held them

I took those petals to wake u up but ur face looked so lost,

l looked at you i saw an image

Every time I rubbed my eyes the image shook me I” am yours”

but you, who are you

I whispered in gentle tone

I look for him my love my beating heart

the image came closer i thought “let me feel the lines on his wise attire”

“I am the one u waited for -“he said in his deep voice

I said no, you ,you look like him

u all look like him but u are not him

the colour in ur eyes the fragrance in the air all seems like a trap.

If I trust you, you will break it all

The image held me and I said no, I wait,leave me as I wait in the burning sand

My feet can’t bare to walk but I stay still till he comes as you , you do not have my beating heart.


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