Looking around the stair case of the old house, with history character and charm but there was life of a trapped soul seeking daylight . she wandered all day all night picking the tiny scrap fabrics to sew a one complete piece but it was hard. Her hands were shaking and the colours didn’t match.… Continue reading LET GO


“This much anguish over few drops and I crossed a desert to be here.” Broken tapered tired souls ,all lost in greed ,in attaining what can never be held in their hands. Don’t we realise that everything has its destiny towards its eternal core than why do we pick thorns that bleed our own hands… Continue reading Anguish


Eyes deeply closed, tears flooding behind their curtains, breaths racing as if she has seen a ghost,God help me ,help me. She woke up in the middle of this,face soaked in streams of moist warm dew drops streaming their way into the soft pillow. She sat up holding herself in her own embrace and sat… Continue reading DESPAIR


Minimalism is an Intriguing new avenue that started as a trend to eventually develop into a calming and an enduring way of life and I want it to reach far and wide. The reason I am so passionate about it is simply because it is just peaceful way of life,Less consumerism, less consumption, less waste… Continue reading MINIMALISM


It was a heartwarming love of hers to look after the wellbeing of the children. They meant true joy and a sense of achievement,ever so often the heavy piles of the wealth,couldn’t account for or the certificates of tedious courses though were cherishable but could be nowhere compatible. As the children grew she continued to… Continue reading DESPAIR


Looking into the connections of heart it is imperative to test waters before you give that is truly yours. We generally believe that if we are in love we can reveal all the imperfections the deeper scratches and share the struggles but in fact it is not so. There are various components of love ,… Continue reading Tranquil


The world will always be attracted towards beauty externaly and in the depth of the heart and soul. Its engraved in our core to desire sweetness, honesty and mesmerising love that just soak the heart like rain water absorbing in dry barren soil. I wonder if it is so vital than why is it so… Continue reading Staggered


Pacing around the house in tiny steps she looked down at her feet which look well crafted and delicate but behind those she was looking for marks of the journey that appeared spreading over an entire life. She wondered how Screams seem to mellowed down in the tones of time , fear seem to dispel… Continue reading DESPAIR


Travel and holiday seem to be such a dream as we have a new way of living. Waiting for the world to heal from the Pandemic and holding thoughts not to float but they want to go back in time to wander in the streets of Greece.  Reliving the moments in hope and wishing for… Continue reading STREETS OF GREECE


As the dark cloud embrace the silence that let the hearts unfold the hidden longing for comfort some soul searching always warms up the tired path ahead in hope and courage to keep going. I looked outside the window and the snow covering the trees like a blanket worn in sheer white colour which made… Continue reading THE WINTER NIGHT