Its been one of the nicest days in the UK in such a long time. We had gleaming, warm perpetual sunshine pouring its warmth in our never-ending winter which somehow seems to extend longer and longer as time progress. The sun exuberates joy summer fragrances, white linen, beautiful shades of duck blue and crimson all… Continue reading THE WHITE PALETTE


  The one thing that I miss in this quarantine time is the hot cup of cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop. It a luxury we all tend to enjoy as one of the trivial little treats after a hard day of work or as socializing with friends. I love the little coffee cards that… Continue reading COFFE TIME


  As I woke up this morning with the gentle sounds of sweet birds chirping welcoming the dawn to arrive bringing joy to hearts, my first thoughts were in gratitude. Gratitude to God with some moments to thank him for making me hear these sounds as if heaven has just arrived on earth.Gratitude for making… Continue reading SHARE


  On looking at the dim candle light which was melting in the jewelled case whose sparkle and light adorned it so beautifully that I would go on looking at it for hours as if the moment will capture me in it for eternity. Sleek shimmering strands and beads of gold and silver colours engraved… Continue reading THE LIGHTED PATH


  The dusky silence with its mysterious colors comes to comfort us for a night and dark nights lead to a beautiful dawn. Some sweet words that have been said will keep embedded in the depths of the heart. We will find strength in our fate a vision that we create behind open eyes and… Continue reading DREAMS


As time is passing by slowly with the whole world in lockdown we find gratitude within ourselves and pleasures in simple things. The world seems to be falling apart but look inside your heart search what is lost in the demons of desires greed and power. We all need very little to be happy but… Continue reading CHANGING TIMES